Created by Alin Brindusescu on 2011-01-16 00:02:55

This site is a kind of notebook. I have tried to use different other technologies for my notes but I was not happy with any of them.
Because I made some time to create a small tool, I decide to use the domain name i bought long time ago and to share my notes with you.
Most of the posts are bilingual (English and Romanian) and are structured based on my domains of interest.
You are allow to use the content in any way you want (will be nice if you drop me an email if you find it useful). Pay attention, some content is just copy paste, follow that links pointing to the original content and see the license it has there.
The code I upload is under GPL license, if not specified in other ways in the file.
If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to drop me an email (io at brindusescu dot org)

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